Monthly Archives: February 2016

Who Do We Think We Are: Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

A recent study by BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) saw an increase in cosmetic surgeries. The number of procedures were 51,140 in 2015, up from 45,406 from 2014. This follows a decline in procedures in the past years which has been blamed on the recession. Interestingly, the majority (9/10) of procedures were… Continue Reading

Written All Over Your Face: Smile Value

There is something inherently wonderful in a smile. In seeing someone smile. Whether it is a full blown idiotic grin or a secret smirk. Whether it is expressed openly with others or an automatic reaction. Smiling is great. I’m all for it. When I see others smiling it makes me smile. It makes me pause… Continue Reading