The Stigma Continues….

I was shocked by the results of the NatCen’s British Social Attitude survey (reported here) which showed how the British public react to people suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. The findings revealed a severe lack of understanding for those who struggle with their mental health and the reality of living with a mental… Continue Reading

Depression Daze #2: Express Yourself (On Paper)

Will I feel better for having written? The million dollar question. Will transcribing my thoughts relieve the pressure, stop up my tear ducts, blow away the dark cloud hovering over me? I am not hopeful. My mood is persistent and today I am not strong enough. Life has swept away the dam I carefully, painstakingly,… Continue Reading

Being Bad or Being Human?

I wouldn’t call myself a bad person. On the scale I think I’m pretty average. I hold the door for others, I thank the bus driver – when I remember to. I’m ready with a smile. I remember my p’s and q’s, I’m polite and for the most part I don’t swear. There’s no effing… Continue Reading

Whose To Blame: Sexual Harassment and Sex Education

New research has found that girls wear shorts under their school skirts due to fears of sexual harassment involving flashing their underwear. This supports the statistics reported by the BBC in September 2015 which revealed there had been 5,500 sexual offenses recorded in UK schools from 2011-2014. Within this number, 4,000 were alleged physical sexual… Continue Reading

Living in RealTime

RealTime is a phrase used by the technological industry to describe applications, gaming, computing etc. happening in the here and now. Computer programmes can provide us with data or make calculations with startling speed that reflect the environment/time when the query was made. In gaming we no longer have to wait for our turn, we… Continue Reading

Depression Daze: Fear of Recovery

We hear and talk about recovery a lot. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc. Recovery is a beacon of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, or any other inspirational (and cheesy!) images you wish to apply to it. The idea of recovery can be extremely motivating for those who suffer and… Continue Reading

A Room of One’s Own: Alone but not Lonely

I hope Virginia Woolf won’t mind my theft of her words but they seemed apt for the topic at hand. Many of us fear loneliness, it is the spectre hanging over us as we go about our daily lives, as we interact with others. As people we seem to have an undying need to be… Continue Reading