The Cat that Isn’t: Loneliness in an Ageing Population

Alan is the cat that isn’t. In fact, he is one of many cats that aren’t. He is a robot cat that is part of Hasbro’s new Joy for All Range (buy here). These cats have been specifically designed as a companion pet for the elderly. Jim McGuckin, living in Lake Park – a care… Continue Reading

Clothes Maketh the Man: Fashion & Insensitivity

This week has not been a good week for the fashion world as far as I’m concerned. For all those catwalk enthusiasts I am not talking about high fashion. In fact understanding fashion continues to elude me. No, I am talking about the clothes we wear everyday. The clothes we buy on the hight street…. Continue Reading

Better Than I Thought or Being Thankful

The new year is the time to reflect and make new resolutions. I don’t really buy into this idea. I believe we should have resolutions throughout the year encouraging us to adopt better habits and make ourselves better people. Having not had the best festive period, (alone and ill), I began the new year feeling… Continue Reading

Housing the Homeless: Michael Sheen’s Activism

It is always wonderful to see famous people putting their hard earned fame to good use. I am particularly thrilled to write about Michael Sheen, one of my favorites, petition to the Welsh government for better provision of housing for homeless teens. Sheen’s use of his media presence to lobby government for social change renews… Continue Reading

Thought We Said Never Again: Genocide Continues

In a recent study of over eight hundred 11-16 year old students a group of Year 11 pupils found that 81% could not name any modern genocides but 78% agreed they would benefit from more genocide education. This study comes in the wake of representatives from 15 schools around the country visiting the House of Commons… Continue Reading

Brothers in Arms: #FindMike

It was my pleasure and privilege to hear Jonny Benjamin tell his story of the stranger on the bridge. For those of you thinking this sounds familiar, the Stranger on the Bridge was a Channel 4 documentary following Jonny through his journey to find the man who saved his life. To roll the story back… Continue Reading

The Power of the DNR

Stop me if I’m wrong but I visit the doctor, go to A&E – read enlist medical expertise – because they are just that: experts. With the majority of the population not undergoing multiple years of medical training I expect my doctors and nursers, healthcare practitioners etc. to know better than me. I approach them… Continue Reading

To Complete or No: The Semantics of Suicide

To many of us ‘committing suicide’ is a phrase that rolls of our tongue. We don’t think of the implications of saying this, neither are we aware of them. You may think I am being fussy but this is an all important point. Up until recently committing suicide was an accepted term, so what has… Continue Reading

The Authentic Life

I have a fear, a fear that my children, future generations will not experience what I have dubbed the ‘authentic life’. As technology takes leaps and bounds I feel each generation is one step further from this ‘authentic life’ based on human contact; face to face communication. If you ask my generation to phone someone… Continue Reading