Rendered Speechless: A Women’s Right To Choose

I wasn’t suprised by the BBC article as part of the BBC’s Women’s 100 to find an article about a woman not wanting to have children. Although most of us grow up with the image of our future white picket fence family with 2.5 children and a dog this is not for everyone. Yes we… Continue Reading

Winnie the Who…?

Winnie the Pooh holds cultural significance for people all over the world. Many of us hearing the theme tune can’t help but sing along. Memories of playing pooh sticks on bridges on sunny afternoons come flooding back. To this day, a number of us will still have winnie the pooh paraphernalia dotted all over the… Continue Reading

A Medical Miracle: Pancreatic Cancer and Me

Ulster University have reported success in a new method in tumour reduction for those with pancreatic cancer. The new treatment injects tumors with oxygen bubbles coated with medication which is then activated by ultrasound. This treatment shrinks the size of the tumor giving a greater chance of tumor resection. Currently pancreatic cancer is hard to… Continue Reading

Photoshop and the Path to Religious Intolerance

Imagine a young Canadian Sikh man’s surprise when a selfie which he took in 2014 implicated his role in the tragic Paris shooting on Friday night. The selfie which Jubbal took in his bathroom mirror, like many people his age, was edited on Photoshop. The reflection of Jubbal’s iPad in the mirror was changed into… Continue Reading

Oh to be a Swede!

Some offices and workplaces in Sweden are trialling a six-hour working day which includes a one hour lunch break. This idea seeks to improve the work-life balance which has received greater attention in recent years. Preliminary results show a greater quality of work with people experiencing lower levels of stress. This all seems great and… Continue Reading

Call the Doctor…problems in the mental health system

A BBC health article ( on child mental health shows that school teachers are having to call 999 or take students to A&E to get them appropriate mental health support. This is one sign of a far bigger problem. This problem arises from the gap in provision between mental and physical health – the topic… Continue Reading

The Tampon Luxury

So the government in their infinite wisdom have blocked an attempt to have a further reduction on tampon tax which currently sits at 5%. According to various politicians the UK have their ‘hands-bound’ by the EU who mediate these decisions. The EU must give permission – read all EU states must agree – to lower… Continue Reading

Rape is no joke….

I couldn’t resist responding to the awful tweet sent to and responded by Merseyside police. The joke concerning the defeat of Sunderland over Everton at Goodison Park, Liverpool was reported as an ‘incident of rape’ to which Merseyside police replied, although confirming there had been no rape, that Sunderland ‘got caught with their pants down’…. Continue Reading