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Changing My Perception of Perfect

Here’s the thing, I’ve always been short. Only pushing 5ft nothing, kids feel the need to come over and announce to me that they are, in fact, taller than me. Like it’s hard I muse to myself being taller than me is hardly an achievement. In fact, being tall or skinny or seeming to have… Continue Reading

The Wasted Years: Looking after my Wellbeing

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote a blog post and I’m guilt-ridden. I’ve not only neglected my blog but I’ve neglected me. I started this blog not with the intention of an audience but to retain my connection to writing. I hated the fact that a few months ago (pre-blog) I couldn’t… Continue Reading

Better Than I Thought or Being Thankful

The new year is the time to reflect and make new resolutions. I don’t really buy into this idea. I believe we should have resolutions throughout the year encouraging us to adopt better habits and make ourselves better people. Having not had the best festive period, (alone and ill), I began the new year feeling… Continue Reading