Monthly Archives: May 2016

Waterstones and the Smell of Books

News just in, or a few days ago when I didn’t have the time to write this blog…Waterstones has decided to stop selling e-books. For one, I am a big fan of their decision to abandon digital books for the real deal. Kobo, a digital book company, will be taking over Waterstone’s digital customers. According… Continue Reading

Gender Wars: High Heels & Toothbrushes

I bought new toothbrushes a few weeks ago. One pink, one blue. This wasn’t intentional; it was default; it was the colours they had. On deciding who got which toothbrush I asked my husband. Do you want blue or shall we challenge gender stereotypes and you have the pink? He said I could do whatever… Continue Reading

If You Open Your Mind Too Much….

In a recent blog post, Headmaster Graeme Whiting expressed concern that fantasy novels, games and movies are ruining the health of our young people. He expressed that these fantastical stories are “deeply insensitive and addictive material” which can cause “difficult behaviour” and damage the subconscious of young brains. Included in this troublesome group of unrealistic… Continue Reading