Monthly Archives: September 2016

Depression Daze #3: Fade Away

Sitting in the back garden at night, tears running down my cheeks, I was the poster girl for pathetic. For the life of me I couldn’t tell you what started it. All I knew was I felt utterly alone in my feelings. Trying to explain them to others would make no sense; they made no… Continue Reading

The Wasted Years: Looking after my Wellbeing

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote a blog post and I’m guilt-ridden. I’ve not only neglected my blog but I’ve neglected me. I started this blog not with the intention of an audience but to retain my connection to writing. I hated the fact that a few months ago (pre-blog) I couldn’t… Continue Reading

Smooching in Sainsburys: LGBTQ Rights

I was shocked to read earlier this month that the LGBTQ community were planning a ‘kiss-in’ at a north-west London branch of Sainsbury’s, but not for the reason many people may assume. I was not upset or angered that the ‘kiss-in’ was being led by the LGBTQ community but rather the reason for the protest… Continue Reading