The Best Way to Overcome Fear

This guest post on overcoming fear was kindly written by Kaddie of Gratisoul. You can find out more about Kaddie and her social media channels below.

Recently my brain’s been thinking about stuff which should not concern me and my present situation because I am again over-thinking about my future. How my future will be?  What will I be doing after 3-4 years? Will I ever progress? Or will I remain at the same position that I am at right now? Will my friends and family support any of my vague decisions and be happy for me? Or will I become a disappointment to them? All these thoughts are a big fear for me. And I know that I shouldn’t be thinking about all this right now, because all of this belongs in the future but it is disturbing my present state of mind.

As I said earlier, I am an over-thinker and my brain cooks up 100 thoughts per minute. So you can guess how exhausting it might be. I try to divert my thoughts with little distractions like watching any of my favorite T.V series, or listening to music or doing anything productive. These little things are a good distraction for an over-thinker like me. But unfortunately it’s not a permanent solution. So, the question now arises: how to overcome your fear and stop these inoperable thoughts hindering your present state of mind?


Whenever you notice yourself overthinking or stressing about any situation that has no relation with your present just remember these points first-:

Overcome Fear by Thinking Positively

Whenever a negative thought occupies your brain, replace it with 2 positive thoughts and carry on doing this until you feel confident enough with yourself.

I often find myself battling unnecessary thoughts that I don’t like to discuss with anyone. I know these are all thoughts which only I can change by changing my thought process into an optimistic one and believing in myself that I can achieve my goals.

I will not say that I always practice what I preach. There are times when these inoperable thoughts occupy my brain so much that I don’t feel good about myself. At these times, it forces me to re-think my choices and it is very tough to think positive in these situations. When you are feeling low, how can you think about something good? Right? But I force myself to think good about myself. In situations like these all you have to do is give yourself a positive self-talk to bring you back on track.

You are Bigger than Your Fear

These thoughts just deviate you from your present goals. Don’t let them take a toll on you. Remind yourself that you are bigger than your petty problems and you can overcome your fear, your thoughts or your problems if you focus on your goals and try harder every day to achieve what you always desired to have.

I’ll also do the same and start giving myself all the appreciation and positive self-talk that I deserve. Because there is nothing that cannot be solved once you are determined to change your perspective and think positive in those situations!

Meanwhile, you can also share your fears or any problems that you are facing right now with me in the comments below because we are in this together! Let’s motivate each other to become a better version of ourselves and live a life that we always dreamt off!

Until then live positively and happily!

What are your tips for overcoming fears? What works well for you? Do you find positive self-talk helpful? Let us know below!

This blog post was written by Karishma Verma, also known as Kaddie from Gratisoul. Kaddie is from India, she graduated in mid-2018, and is an engineer by profession. She is an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around myself amongst my people! She is a Gratisoul who loves to proliferate these upbeat vibes to folks across every possible age bracket. So, let’s begin this journey of becoming ‘Gratisoul’ together!!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Overcome Fear

  1. Hi. What a great sentiment. In terms of your “What works well for you?” question I typically have a two-pronged approach to any potential worries:
    1. What is the worst that can happen?
    2. How likely is that thing to happen?
    When you actually force yourself to do this you will often find that things aren’t as bad as you fear. It is the fear of the unknown, being unable to focus on one particular outcome, that is the problem. Once you pick the worst possible scenario and visualise how likely it is and how you would cope with it, the fear recedes.

  2. I’m also an overthinker, much to my dismay. I’ll try your tips of replacing a negative thought with two positive thoughts 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (

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