Why Skin Care Equals Self Care

I’ve been working on my skin care routine for many years. Trying different products to see what works. Over time I’ve realised it can be as simplistic or as complicated as we desire. I have a basic routine now that really helps my skin. And let’s me feel my best. And then I have some added extra steps. Options for when I need a bit more. Perhaps that’s for a particular skin care issue. But usually it’s because I needed some self care time. And I’ve found skin care can be one of the many ways to practise it.

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The Basics of Skin Care

I’m no expert on the subject. So, before I say anything else. If you have certain skin care needs or skin care conditions. Please speak to a qualified dermatologist. However, I believe that we can all do our own due diligence on the products that we use on our skin. Both our face and the rest of our bodies. I’ve been learning about skin care for years now. Hoarding the information I learn and using it to help me find the best skin care regime for me. Because that’s when skin care is at it’s best. When it’s tailored to you as an individual. And that works on many levels. From products that are right for your skin. To the types of products you are likely to use. And the time you have to use them. It all has to work for you.

Recently I’ve become a Body Shop at Home Consultant under the name On the Glow Beauty. This allows me to sell Body Shop products with deals and discounts. As well as consult with people to help them find the right products for them. And that’s what I love about this role. Helping my friends, colleagues and other customers to find a product they love. And to do this well and responsibly I need to know what I’m doing.

A Simple Skin Care Routine

As many of you know that are lots of different ideas around skin care regimes. For example, Korean skincare routines are popular. And there are different versions. For example an 8 step regimen to a 10 step routine. But as I said before, it needs to work for you. If you don’t have a skin care routine at the moment. Start small and build up from there. If you already have one, check out the steps below. What could you add? Is there something you’d like to try?

We should be looking after our skin both day and night. And many of the steps are almost identical. You can use the same products for the same steps. Or different ones. It’s really up to you. Just ensure that you’re not inundating your skin with too many products.

My Skin Care Steps:

  • Cleanse: choose a product that works for you. This could be a cleanser used with a face pad or a face wash. These often come in gels or foams
  • Toner: toners are usually used with a face pad wiped gently over your face
  • Eye Cream: the area under our eyes is incredibly delicate. And often where we start to see our skin becoming run down. These creams are often brightening to less dark circles or reduce fine lines
  • Serum: serums or essences target specific skin care issues. They often come in a bottle with a pump or a pipette so you can use a small amount to smooth over your face
  • Moisturiser: I always recommend using a moisturizer with SPF in it. We need SPF all year around so if you’re in hot countries or in the summer months ensure yours has a high dose. Or add SPF into your skin care regime as an extra step. Moisturizes do what they say on the tin. They moisturize and hydrate. You can usually find cream or gel moisturizers. I find gels lighter so they tend to be my go to.

These may seem like a lot of steps. But all together they take less than 5 minutes. If you’d like to add to the routine why not try an essence lotion to help your serum or essence sink in and maximize it’s effect. If you’re not using SPF or your moisturizer SPF isn’t high enough. Add a face SPF into your routine too. To boost my skin care routine I use a face mask once a week and an exfoliator once a week. You may find you wish to do this more or less depending on your preferences and your skin type.

How Does Skin Care Equal Self Care?

This may seem like an odd combination to you. Or maybe not. Perhaps you’ve felt the difference to yourself when starting a skin care routine. I know that I have, and here’s why:

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#1 Better Skin

I have wrestled with my skin since being a teenager. It tended to be oily and spots were a real problem. I tried so many products that promised miracle results. My skin eventually improved but I think it was more likely age than anything else. Now I’m past my teen years, I’m more and more aware of the impact of pollution, screen time and aging. Having a skin care routine has really changed how I feel about my skin and by extension myself. It also means that I know I’m taking care of myself. And taking preventative action to ensure my skin remains healthy in the future.

#2 More Confidence

I could have never imagined feeling confident, literally in my own skin growing up. This was for multiple reasons but my skin was a huge part of it. I longed for that clear, glowy skin I saw in adverts and my peers. Times when my skin has been better I’ve definitely experienced more confidence and self-esteem. I’m also feel better about not wearing any make up. That’s a game changer for me. Make up was almost a crutch to hide my imperfect skin. So it’s liberating to feel that I can go out without it. It’s a nice option to have but it’s not an imperative any more.

#3 Boosts My Mood

Knowing that my skin looks good can really boost my mood. Particularly in summer months when it’s warmer and it often feels like make up is melting off my face. Now I have the freedom to go outside and feel the sun on my skin. Without layers of make up in the way. It’s such a small thing to look in the mirror and see clear skin. But it goes far deeper. It’s linked to my self-esteem and not feeling the need to hide away. About seeing my reflection and liking what I see. In short, my skin is happier and so am I.

#4 It’s Mindful

Using a skin care routine can be very meditative and grounding. It provides certainty in a day which may have felt stressed and uncertain. It forces me to slow down even for a few minutes and focus on what I’m doing. The routine is familiar and the actions of smoothing products and massaging can be incredibly soothing. It’s also a good way to start and end the day. Skin care book ends every day for me. It helps me start and end the day right.

#5 Looking After Myself

Why is self care so important? Part of the picture is because we all need time to slow down. But there’s something deeper happening here. When we practise self care we prioritize our own needs. We make time for ourselves in often very busy lifestyles full of helping and doing for others. Every time we do an act of self care we remind our brain that we are important too.

And what happens every time we put our needs aside for someone else’s? Our need goes unfulfilled and we tell our brains we’re not as important. Understandably this chips away at our confidence over time. So, whilst it may be a small thing. Taking a few minutes each day to look after my skin is my way of putting myself first. Even if I don’t have time for any other act of self care that day. I know I’ve done something to prioritise and look after myself.

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What are your thoughts on skin care for self care? Have you seen a difference to your mental health? Let us know below!

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8 thoughts on “Why Skin Care Equals Self Care

  1. Definitely agree with you.. that’s why I love writing about selfcare. It really is important to take care of yourself whether it’s mentally, emotionally or physically. 🌸

  2. So true…skin care is part of self-care. It’s a responsibility. Healthy, smooth, and flawless skin shows that you’re a discipline and hardworking person. That’s my opinion.

  3. I have a skincare routine but I’m on the lookout for some quality products. A friend suggested body shop skincare. I’ve always used body butters & scrubs but never skincare.

    Looking into it after this helpful post, thank you ❤️

    1. I’ve been using the Body Shop skincare recently and have had great results. They have so many products and so many ranges there really is something to suit everyone’s needs.

  4. I feel that skincare is definitely connected to our overall health (mental, emotional & physical) because when I am struggling, experiencing stress/anxiety, etc or am physically unwell, taking care of my skin just stops. I think having a self-care routine that includes skincare is a good way to nurture and be kind to ourselves. We need those moments to see us through tougher times. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. I’m the same Molly. It’s usually the first thing I stop doing when I’m not feeling so good. But having the routine and doing it is so important. I’ve found even on hard days just having a quick skincare routine makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and done something for me too!

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