4 Favourite Posters for My Mental Health

This post on posters and mental health contains gifted items!

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Some of you may have seen my previous post on Posters & Mental Health: What’s the Connection?. Since purchasing my beautiful posters from the Poster Store I’ve been endlessly impressed. Whilst the four walls of our home and our mental health may not be an obvious combination. Simply curating my space to reflect my values and aspirations has certainly had an impact on my mental health. The benefits I’ve found and the quality and eco-friendly nature of the posters led me to invest more in my wellbeing and buy another set of posters to complement those I’ve already purchased. Guided by my love of the outdoors, I’ve decided to build a gallery wall, which Poster Store help you do by providing a whole section of their website on the topic, focusing on the nature and botanical posters I loved the first time. As well as a few more child-friendly options from the amazing kids selection.

Posters Make a Noticeable Difference

The first time I wrote about posters and mental health I was working on a hypothesis. If we should curate our social media feeds to benefit our mental health. And surround ourselves with people who help us thrive. Then surely, it makes sense to ensure our homes reflect who we are and what we want too. They should be a safe haven where we don’t need to hide any part of ourselves. A space which reflects our true selves.

To test this theory I purchased a bunch of posters that resonated with me. Since doing so, I’ve found myself gravitating towards them. Not only because they are beautiful to look at. But because they inspire a sense of calm within me. No matter the stress, when I need a breath, I go and stand before the beautiful, misty landscapes. Just the act of looking, taking a moment to pause, helps. And it’s not just me. Guests visiting our home have commented on how soothing the posters are. Aside from the stress relief they can bring. The posters also help me express my values. They’re almost aspirational in that sense. I place great value in getting outdoors and being around nature. So, posters that reflect this element of my personality are important. It helps create a sense of ownership but also comfort in my environment which is key to our mental health. I think we can all recognize that when we feel out of step where we are it’s hard to find comfort, safety or a sense of wellbeing.

My 4 Favourites

#1 It’s Not What We Have

This simple poster reads “it’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters”. I love the simplicity of this statement and how it’s reflected in the simplicity of the poster. I plan to hang this above our table where we eat our meals. As it’s a place that we congregate as a family and often with friends. Therefore it’s a place I associate with warmth and sharing food, thoughts and ideas. Having this poster front and centre will remind me of how much I value the sense of community I feel when I am with others. How important it is for my mental health. And that people, above all, are far more important than things.

#2 The Sunset Posters

I bought these two posters to complement each other. I love the symmetry of them side by side. But most of all I love the colours and the feeling of freedom they evoke. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to some truly amazing places. And beaches and sunsets have always held a special place in my heart. My partner proposed to me at sunset. And it has been on a few select beaches on holiday where I have felt truly calm and relaxed. Having these posters reminds me of the need to take a break. As well as my love for travel. Double benefits for my mental health!

#3 White Peonies & Pink Roses

Flowers never fail to cheer me up or put a smile on my face. So posters of blooming flowers in pastel colours is an easy win for my mental health. I plan to create a gallery wall with these two posters and a few others I already own of hydrangeas and dahlias. In addition to the joy of seeing the flowers, the flower posts are part of a bigger picture – no pun intended. Long term the posters of the flowers will create a mini gallery wall in a space in our home just for me. Either in a dressing room area or in a reading nook. Somewhere I can go to decompress and get away from the world. So these ones are about long term mental health benefits as well as the short term. And knowing that I’m committing to myself and my self care.

#4 The One for The Kid

My daughter is integral to my life. And whilst I’m finding my balance as a parent to ensure I retain my own identity whilst stepping into the role of mother. Investing in her and her happiness is crucial to my sense of wellbeing. Last time I invested in a poster to empower and inspire her. This time I wanted to give her space to be a little kid. Where the world is full of friendly animals who might just go on a balloon ride together. I also can’t quite get past how adorable this is either. So it works for me too!

What are your thoughts on posters or how you decorate the walls of your home? Has it made a difference to your mental health? And what would you choose to see?

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3 thoughts on “4 Favourite Posters for My Mental Health

  1. I love the sunset prints and the quote. Poster Store’s prints are so beautiful, i have a gallery wall above my bed which has such a calming serene feel to it.

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