Why Anxiety Isn’t All Bad

For those of us who have experienced anxiety disorders, this may seem like an odd topic choice. And that’s ok. Perhaps this blog post will resonate with you. Or not. It’s very much based on my own experience. And therefore is just one of many perspectives. Remembering, of course, that no two diagnoses are exactly the same. The signs and symptoms and intensity are likely to vary. And therefore, no two experiences of a mental illness is the same either. I hope this post may help some people; whether you have experiences of anxiety yourself. Or you support someone who does. But, remember, it is just one experience and doesn’t speak for yours. So, if it’s not for you. Then that’s ok too. We’re all in different places on our recovery journey and how we feel about our anxiety.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I wish I could say that anxiety was a distant memory. But it’s in the far too recent future for that to be true. And it still rears it’s head once in a while. Having the power to knock me sideways when it makes a reappearance. Currently, I still find it hard to accept it’s absence. And therefore often anticipate it. Being anxious about being anxious if you like. Even when anxiety does not transpire.

At it’s worst, anxiety had so much control it could bring me to my knees. Literally. Such was it’s impact some days all I could do was crawl in to bed and pray for sleep. The only way to stop the physical and emotional symptoms which plagued me. So, finding the good hasn’t been an easy road. But, there are times, when I can reflect. And find a silver lining. Reminding myself that the good is there. Sometimes, it’s just that much harder to see.

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The Anxiety Silver Lining

The reason for anxiety, however unreasonable it may seem, is to warn us to a threat in our environment. At root it is a safety mechanism. I’ve written about this at length before. So, I won’t delve back in that direction. But at times it is comforting to know that anxiety is there for a reason. And perhaps, if it didn’t occur I many not have learnt as much about myself as I know now. And may have continued to live with elements of my life that made me uncomfortable. In short, anxiety and it’s ensuing discomfort forced me to assess my life. And where my anxiety was rooted. Digging it up and out. Instead of allowing it to fester and continue.

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In anxiety I found a warning system. A very loud, unbearable one admittedly. But without it, I wonder where I would be now. Still travelling the same roads and making the same mistakes. Unaware exactly what was bothering me. Or how to remedy it. Whilst anxiety has been a cross to bear. It has made me a better person and my life eminently more liveable. Had I been able to come to these life lessons a different way. I would have jumped and the chance. But I didn’t. And what ifs don’t make for comforting bed fellows.

It’s likely that my anxiety may spiral again someday. It still touches many aspects of my life in it’s own more muted fashion. Acting as a reminder to look after myself. Not to push too far. Or that I have a right to address any areas of discomfort in my life. And when the alarm gets louder and harder to bear. I know it’s time to re-address and re-assess. No, it’s not pleasant. But it is what I have and I’m not sure where I’d be without.

What are your experiences of anxiety? Are there any silver linings to your experience? Does it have some form of value? As always, let me know below!

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  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Despite living with anxiety for most of my life, it’s only now I’m learning about what it is, why it is and how to deal with it. This article was really helpful! Rhys

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