How to Start Your Day Right For Your Mental Health

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Starting off my day right can do wonders for my mental health. It’s amazing the impact it can have on my mood, energy and motivation. Among almost every other aspect of my day. When I start my day right, and take a little bit of extra time in the morning, my productivity increases. I get more done; and I do it better. I’m less likely to make mistakes too. Because my mood is better, my stress is lower. So, I can focus and can be proud of my achievements. Instead of berating myself for something I’ve missed or haven’t completed. So, how can we start the day right?

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Find Your Routine

What it means to start your day right will be individualized. We may have to try a few different aspects of a routine. Before we settle on what works for us. And be open to the idea that this may change over time. We don’t necessarily have to complete our full routine every morning. It may work to have a shorter or longer version depending on the time you have. But I encourage us all to find the time to invest in a morning routine. It can make such a difference not only to our day but also our mental health.

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#1 Back to Basics

Knowing I have seen to my basic needs sets me up for the day. It makes a huge difference to my mood knowing I’ve looked after myself. It is the most fundamental form of self-care. As this is the basics, it’s common sense. Wash your face, moisturize, do your teeth. Whatever it means to look after yourself. Follow your skin routine. Take the time to thoroughly clean your teeth and floss. If you shower in the morning, do it. And don’t rush. Gift yourself the time to do these things well and without rushing.

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#2 Connect

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Building some form of connection, or even multiple forms will set you up for the day right. We all need to feel attached and a part of something. Starting the morning with this can help boost our mood and our confidence throughout the day. Ensuring we know we can take on whatever life may through at us. Knowing we have someone looking after us or to help us out.

Find the connection that works for you. This may be connecting with a loved one. Perhaps intimate time together or a moment to check in with each other. It may mean connecting with little ones if you have the opportunity to. Or not if it will stress you out But a moment of connection and enjoyment with someone who sees the world so differently. And takes joy in the samll things can help widen our perspective and help us tap into that joy. Or perhaps the connection you’re looking for is more spiritual. A higher power, or the universe. A moment of prayer or mindfulness. Whatever works for you.

#3 And Breathe

The last part of the routine is about taking a moment to pause before starting your day. This could be the aforementioned mindfulness, stretching or yoga. It may be a moment to breathe and simply pause. Perhaps by having a relaxed breakfast. Or enjoying a warm or cold drink. It may include a short walk or some time outdoors as the day begins. As with everything, this needs to work for you. Where do you find some peace and calm? Try and find it before you start.

What do you need to start the day right? How does it feel to have a morning routine? As always, let us know below.

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12 thoughts on “How to Start Your Day Right For Your Mental Health

  1. This is beautiful! My husband and I have been focusing a lot on our mornings lately. We start the day by keeping our phones in our bedroom while we do coffee in the living room. It helps us disconnect from our work and connect with each other. Plus, it’s a great, slow start to the day before all the activity begins. Super helpful!

  2. I thrive more when I stick to my self-care and productivity routines. I’m indecisive and get stressed out easily from surprises, so routines help me expect what’s coming and plan accordingly. Great post!

  3. This is so true. How you start your morning determines what your day will be like. Ideally, every morning I would love to do yoga and meditation but that’s just not possible with my 2 kids who start the day very early! So instead, I’ve started writing a journal and gratitude list every morning while they are having their breakfast and that helps. Great post – thanks for sharing.

    Jade MumLifeandMe

  4. Good tips for a good morning start 😊 Starting with the right foot goes a long way. Thank you for sharing your tips and suggestions! ❤️

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