Tried and Tested Tips for Productivity

Productivity can be one of my most hard one achievements. It waxes and wanes based on my mood, the task and motivation. When it’s a task I don’t enjoy and I’m not looking forward to it. Then naturally even when I get around to it; my levels of productivity are low. Likewise, mood including high stress levels or low mood can impact my energy and motivation. Naturally, my productivity suffers as a result. Overtime I’ve looked into different ways to boost productivity. So, here they are.

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Productivity Tips

As usual, I’ll preface sharing my tips by saying that they may not be for everyone. I’ve tried some which haven’t worked for me. The key is to stick with trying ideas out and see what sticks for you. At times, even the ones which work for you, may not work in every situation. Sometimes a different technique will work. And, let’s face it, sometimes nothing will work or at least it feels that way. I encourage us all to be open to pressing pause and coming back tomorrow when needed. Being kind to ourselves is sometimes the best option. Rather than pushing forward and managing subpar achievement.

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The 2 Minute Rule.

Often it’s all the little things that mount up and take forever. Like returning all the small items littered around the house to their home. Or short pieces of admin. Even quickly replying to some messages. Short tasks left can become long ones. The 2 minute rule dictates that if a task needs doing and takes less than 2 minutes. Do it then. Don’t walk on by or leave for later. You’d be amazed how many things you can get done this way. Leaving time for greater productivity for greater tasks.

Traffic Light To-Do List.

This is a simple twist of the classic to-do list. Next to each task assign a colour based on the traffic light system. Something that is vital or urgent is red. Medium urgency is orange. And green where you have some time to play with. I often find that getting urgent things out the way spurs me on and boosts my productivity. And the traffic light system ensures prioritization

Pomodoro Technique.

This productivity technique ensures that you maximize productivity. We know our brain can only focus in small increments. Work too long without a break and our concentration wanes, quality of work deteriorates and productivity slows. Based on research, the pomodoro technique splits work into 25 minutes segments. (Set a timer here!) After each 25 minutes, have a 5 minute break to reset. And start again. Once you’ve done this a few times. Have a lengthier break.

Temptation Bundling.

Perfect for when you’ve got a task you don’t want to do. Temptation bundling can help you get productive and even form habits. For example, the 2 minute rule! Essentially combine the task you need to do or habit you want to build with something you want to do. Don’t want to exercise or wash the dishes? Allow yourself to listen to an audiobook or podcast or even watch TV whilst you do it. You may just find you can’t wait to get started!

What are your tried and tested tips for productivity? Have you used any of these and how did it go? As always, let us know below.

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4 thoughts on “Tried and Tested Tips for Productivity

  1. These are great and a real eye-opener to the fact that I do a lot of the things that these techniques would fix. I will definitely give the 2-minute rule a go as I am terrible and putting things off that could be done immediately and quickly. I’ve also been hearing a lot about the Pomodoro technique so I will have to look into that more as I think it may be really helpful!

  2. I love this list! Some of them I already do, like the 2 minute rule but I’ve seen other people do the traffic light system + thought “what a great idea!” Now that I see it here, my minds like you better try it lol. Thanks for this !

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