Skin Care for Self-Care

This blog post on Skin Care for Self Care is written by the lovely Tova. A Body Shop At Home Consultant. You can join her Facebook Group here.

In March lockdown began and within a few weeks it put my life on hold. Suddenly I was furloughed, which meant I couldn’t work my job. I kept thinking it was a good thing because I was able to focus on my children and keep them happy!!

But I soon realised this was my problem. I was focusing on my children. And in the process forgot about myself and that I needed to be looked after too. I realised that I needed something for me. Something to keep my mind away from my children and my household chores for a few minutes every day.

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A Skin Care Journey

It was at this point that my friend became a Body Shop At Home Consultant. I started following her journey. And decided that I wanted to earn some extra money. So, I joined her team and also became a consultant.

I was learning about skincare and moisturising your body and suddenly I was looking after my physical self! I had a skincare routine which I started doing every morning and suddenly I had 5 minutes to myself to do that. For a few minutes every day I focused on myself, and suddenly it felt so good.

I started noticing my skin and different ways I could help me be a better me. Not for the sake of my business but for the sake of my mental health.

I do a skincare routine that focuses on my skin for me and it feels amazing, Skincare can really help with self care.

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Do you have skin care routine? Do you dip in and out or follow it religiously? Does it help boost your mental health and give you some ‘me’ time? As always, let us know below!

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15 thoughts on “Skin Care for Self-Care

  1. I need to get better at my self-care routine. I like the idea of the just taking out 5 minutes out to work on my skincare routine. Congrats on being a consultant.

  2. I started getting into skincare in my early-to-mid twenties, and have gone from there really. I’m a fan of The Ordinary (especially their retinol and AHA/BHA acids) and I’ve got a simple morning and evening routine sorted. As I get into my 30s, I think it’ll evolve to address new needs!

      1. I’d been using niacinamide and zinc from Revolution but it wasn’t as good as The Ordinary products. I also love the Pixi glow tonic.

  3. Love this post! Skincare is so important and is such a huge part of a lot of peoples self care routines. There’s some magic to it isn’t there hehe. Thanks for the great read!

    Stay wonderful!

    Louna | burstsofautumn

    1. Agreed! After I had my daughter the only self care I often managed was using my favourite hand cream before bed. It really helped me relax and feel like I did something for myself that day!

  4. Love this!! Since Covid the side of my face on both sides have been breaking out due to the mask. I wear a clean (washed) or new mask every time, but my skin still breaks out due to sensitivity. I have to be more deligent in caring for my skin.
    . Thanks for this.

  5. Anything that focuses on you is self care! So of course you started feeling better which is why we practice self care. It’s so important to take care of our physical bodies but also our spiritual selves too, and I honestly believe that self care is the best way to do that. Whether it’s with a skin care routine, or practicing yoga or colouring, self care is key to our overall health. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love skin care and take time every evening to pamper my skin.

    1. Thanks Giulia! I agree that anything that is some ‘me’ time and makes us feel like we’ve carved out some time just for us can make all the difference.

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