How to Make a House a Home

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences. It can also be one of the most exciting. Honestly, it will largely depend on how it goes. But once you’ve rented or purchased your new home. And you’ve unpacked the boxes and things have found their home. The final step is those finishing touches. The all important things that help make a house a home. We all need to feel a sense of belonging in our lives. It’s vital for our mental health. And this is true from the job we do, the people we surround ourselves with and the walls of our own home. Those walls must reflect back to us our sense of identity and create a place of meaning and comfort.

When entering our home, it must feel precisely that. Our homes should be that space of calm in the eye of the storm. Imbuing us with a sense of safety and comfort. A place where we can truly be ourselves. Whether it’s entering at the end of a long day with a sigh of relief. Or seeking out a moment of peace and quiet away from the clutter. The walls of our home can create these experiences if we only know how to decorate them. And this is where posters from the Poster Store comes in.

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Why Poster Store?

For those of us who can’t spend a fortune on artwork, posters are a logical choice to decorate the walls or our home. And we’re not talking about shabby posters tacked to the wall here. Poster Store offer a high quality and eco-friendly variety of posters. My current posters look beautiful in their frames which are conveniently all available from the same website in a variety of finishes. There’s no need to worry about cutting down posters to size or creating space around them. Unless you want to.

I also adore their section on Gallery Walls which is the perfect place for inspiration. I aspire to create a gallery wall at home. And have been gradually buying new posters to bring together a theme and aesthetic that works for me. The gallery wall section gives you amazing ideas of how to mix themes, sizes and colour schemes. Allowing your own gallery wall that speaks to who you are or instils that feeling of calm and comfort.

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My Home Poster Picks

#1 The Baby Room One

Our child’s room was the first room sorted. Once we’d settled her room, it made me feel at home too. I suppose you could say where she is at home; now so am I. I choose this safari animal poster to compliment the hot air balloon animal friends I’d purchased previously. I loved the symmetry of the two of these together. It may be the start of her own animal friends gallery wall. She is starting to identify animals in pictures but she’s also discovered the joy of toys. Amongst her favourites are a giraffe, a leopard and an elephant. I loved the ideas of her unlikely and familiar animal friends looking down on her from her walls.

#2 The Serene One

I adored this lake photograph from the Mindfulness section of the Poster Store. It was the first one I choose, the serenity of the scene capturing me. The colours and natural beauty of the picture is incredible. I knew instantly that the gravitas of the picture meant it should be viewed alone. No gallery wall for this particular poster. So, I’ve bought it in the biggest size possible. An image of calm, natural beauty to draw the eye.

Not only does it create that ideal of calm and comfort. But it’s a true reflection of our family identity. My husband engages in a daily mindfulness practise. It seemed only fair to offer him to choose some posters to adorn the walls of our home. I suggested he start by perusing the mindfulness posters. And, you’ve guessed it, this was his topic pick too! This poster holds it’s own by it’s sheer beauty but now holds an extra resonance. It will always remind me of the synchronicity of myself and my partner.

#3 The Birds One

If you’ve read my previous blog posts on posters, then you’ll know my love of natural beauty. Not only do I adore being out in nature. But research shows that when we view pictures of nature it improves our wellbeing. Similar to the impact of spending time in nature. Likewise, a moment in front of these posters give me a pause in the day. The force me to stop and collect myself. Drawing me away from the constant busyness and noise which is so often the rhythm of my day.

Browsing the Nature section, I was hoping to find posters that could compliment my flower posters. Two large posters of cream peonies and roses. And smaller posters of colourful sunsets. The moment I spotted the posters of birds my mind was made up. Not only does the flight of birds imbue me with a sense of tranquillity. But it makes me think of one of my favourite poems as a teenager: Love in the Asylum by Dylan Thomas. My favourite line which captured my imagination “a girl as mad as birds”. The musicality and rhythm of the words are part of it. But there was something more. The echo in the words of longing for human connection. Perhaps it’s nostalgia which drew me to these birds. But once I’d seen them, my mind was made up.

What are your thoughts on making a house a home? What posters would you choose and what would be the theme? Let us know below!

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  1. Oh I love this! I’m moving in a few months so I’ll definitely be sure to have a browse on Poster Store for something I can use then. I love your selections, they’re all so beautiful, but my favourite would have to be the one with all the animals in the nursery – it’s so cute! Thank you so much for sharing x

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