Challenge Self-Destructive Thoughts with These Tips!

When self-destructive thoughts they can subsume us. We can sink under the weight of them. Making it almost impossible to achieve anything. Whether we feel like a failure, like our effort was worthless, that we’ll never be good enough. Or any other thoughts that lay the blame firmly at our door. Calling out our inadequacies. And shining a light on anything we lack or do wrong. Self-destructive thoughts can be the bane of our existence. So, how can we challenge or reframe them?

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Challenge or Reframe Self-Destructive Thoughts

Challenging or reframing self-destructive thoughts can take many forms. Some techniques may help us gain some distance from the cognitive menaces preying on us. Others may help us understand them better. Providing us with a new perspective. And helping us see them in a different light. Whilst others can help us prove the thoughts wrong. Revealing them as the opinion; rather than fact; which they truly are.

  • Distraction. When nothing else works, you’re low on energy, or truly fed up. Distracting ourselves may work. The best way to do this is, of course, with self-care. Find something you enjoy. Something you have a passion for. An activity or pastime you know is guaranteed to make you forget anything else.
  • Talk. Distracting can be handy if we need a break. But it’s not replacement for managing the thoughts. Without which they will continue to exist. Talking them through can be incredibly cathartic. And can give us some much needed perspective. Reach out to someone you trust. And critically someone whose opinion you value. Try and see yourself the way they do. And give yourself time to process your thoughts and feelings. With someone you feel safe with and cared for by.
  • Be Creative. Another way to gain perspective is to channel the self-destructive thoughts creatively. Whether art, music, words or the myriad of other artistic mediums there are. Let your art take you somewhere. You might just learn something on the journey. It’s often only when we step away from the situation that we can discover the truth.

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And More…

  • The Best Way is Through. Sometimes we have to meet the thoughts head on. This may mean giving yourself time to sit with them. Not pushing yourself to believe them or resist them. But simply sit with them. Allow them to be. This may be uncomfortable. But the more we do it the more we may feel the power they have on us weaken.
  • Challenge Accepted. We can challenge these thoughts by looking for the evidence. By literally taking our thoughts to court. When a self-destructive thought hits, question it’s veracity. Are you really a failure in all areas of your life? Do you never have times of productivity? Have you never achieved anything? Is it true that people don’t love or value you? Whatever the thought, don’t be afraid to question it. And look for the evidence in a balanced way. Be open to proof that prove and disprove it. Often we’ll really that these thoughts are amplified by a low or stressed mood. And, in truth, they are often opinion rather than fact.
  • Be Kind. When self-destructive thoughts hit, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. If you’re brain feels like it’s bullying you. Look after yourself. Treat yourself right. Remind yourself, through your actions, that you are worthy of care and concern. You deserve to be your own priority. Looking after our own needs consistently can help boost our self-esteem and confidence. By reasserting our value which is often sorely needed when self-destructive thoughts are present.

What are your tips for challenging or reframing self-destructive thoughts? Do you have anything that works for you? As always, let us know below.

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