How to Create a Home Workout Routine?

With the unpredictability of Covid-19 continuing. Many of us remain hesitant to return to the gym. For some of us, the pandemic showed us how we can workout effectively from home. Not requiring the motivation and accountability that we relied on a gym for. However, for some of us going to the gym is part of our routine. Enjoying the space and facilities a gym provides. The expertise that the staff are able to give. Classes provided. And simply the movement of energy when leaving the house. A home workout routine isn’t necessarily a replacement for the gym. But can be helpful for those who can’t get to a gym for health, time or financial reasons. Or used in addition to the services a gym provides.

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#1 Know Your Why

What do you want to achieve? Have you got specific workout goals? Why do you want to workout at home? Knowing your why, or what your goals are will help you design your workout routine an hopefully stick to it. Firstly, know what you’re hoping to achieve. How many times a week would you like to workout? Are there specific workouts you’d like to incorporate? And what are your goals? Weight loss? Flexibility? Coordination? Fitness? Muscle?

And lastly, why would you like to workout at home? Reminding yourself of why a home workout routine is important to you will help keep you on track. Perhaps fitness or working out are important to you for your physical and mental health. A crucial part of your identity, a form of self-care or favourite hobby? But despite this, maybe we don’t have cash to burn on gym membership. Find it difficult to access a gym that meets our needs. Can’t get out of the house for a variety of health concerns. Or find working out more convenient due to busy schedules?

#2 Which Workout?

When you’ve defined your why. It will be easier to choose which workouts you’d like to incorporate, what their focus is and what length works for you. Personally, I try to incorporate a mix of cardio and body strengthening. But the workouts you choose will depend on your goals. If you’re aiming for weight loss you may wish to add more cardio. Or if you’re looking to tone or build muscle looking at more bodyweight workouts. As working out is not just important to me for my physical health but also my mental health, I include yoga in my workouts. Thinking about what your goals are can help you choose your home workouts.

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#3 Make It Work For You

A home workout routine should work for you. Meaning it should be convenient and easy for you to accomplish. So, before starting think about how long your workouts could be, how frequently you’d like to do them and whether you have everything to accomplish them. Many workouts require zero equipment which is excellent if you’re pushed for space at home. I invested in a yoga mat which I use for all of my workouts whether yoga or the toning sections in cardio and pilates. But you don’t have to have one. Or you could choose to use a rug or towel. There are often alternatives you can use provided it is safe.

Making sure your workouts fit into your schedule will be crucial to helping you stick to your new routine. I try to workout 4 times a week with a mix of half and hour and 45 minute workouts. Exercise videos of these lengths are feasible for me. And 4 times a week is sustainable with my schedule. I allow myself to be flexible with which workouts I do on which days. And which days I rest. This allows me to assign rest days to busier days whether professionally or personally. And engage with longer workouts on days that I have more time.

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#4 Enjoy It!

Years ago I would have told you that exercise and enjoyment were an oxymoron. I was never the sort to engage in working out for fun. However, by making it work for me, and not the other way round, I’ve not only found benefits but discovered fun along the way. You may wish to ask yourself what you require to make a workout fun? Perhaps doing it with friends whether online or inviting someone over will motivate you and help you have a good time? Or will different kinds of workouts determine the fun factor? Some of us really enjoy cardio HIIT workouts or traditional weight lifting. But there’s so many to choose from. You may prefer different kinds of dance routines, Zumba, Bounce, different types of yoga or kickboxing? They say variety is the spice of life. So, take your time to find workouts that work for you. And find a selection so you can pick and choose based on your mood. Don’t be afraid to try out new workouts to add to your repertoire. It’s okay if you don’t enjoy them and never return. But you just might find something you LOVE!

What is your experience of working out at home? Do you find it helpful? What are your tips and tricks? As usual, let us know in the comments below!

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