A Guide to Empathy Fatigue

A Guide to Empathy Fatigue

Writing this isn’t a comfortable feeling. Empathy and fatigue don’t sit well in the same sentence. But I truly believe it’s something that needs to be addressed. We must speak about it. Drag it into the daylight for everyone to see and acknowledge. Only by talking about it can we stop it from dragging us […]

The Crucial Difference Between Empathy & Sympathy

Sympathy and empathy are words we often use interchangeably. Does this matter? I think so. Sympathy and empathy were concepts I first learnt about in school, in English Literature. Since then it hasn’t had that much relevance in my life until the past few years. Because here’s the thing. If we’re going to be supportive […]

How to Advocate for your Mental Health in the Workplace

Advocating for your mental health at work can feel like a huge step. There’s still a lot of stigma associated with mental health. And many of us may worry that telling our employer about our mental health or a diagnosis may cast doubts in our workplace about our abilities. For this reason, many of us […]

Mental Health Recovery is a Journey Not a Destination

I am definitely the classic example of a person who rushes through live. Always on the go. A deadline or goal fixed in my mind. Thriving when there is a destination or end point in mind. This is not always a good thing. And, if my mental health recovery has taught me anything. It’s to […]

Is a Diagnosis Important or Helpful?

The discussion about mental health diagnosis wages on. Many find them punitive and question their need. Arguing they increase stigma; especially when it comes to more severe diagnoses such as psychosis. Others argue the need for them. They can have their uses in certain situations. For some people, perhaps those who have struggled with understanding […]

What Being an Empath Means for Your Mental Health

I’ve identified as an empath for a while now. The first time someone mentioned the term to me, it resonated. It felt like something just clicked into place. Suddenly there was a reason for some behaviours that confused me. That made me feel different. Being an empath is the ability to feel with people. Perhaps […]

My Blog Won the Golden Bloggerz Award

The wonderful Metaphysical Mama nominated my blog for the Golden Bloggerz award. I’m honestly so honoured and feel so privileged. I have discovered an amazing group of writers who are full of warmth and genuine empathy since I started blogging. So many are incredibly skilled and talented. It is so special to be counted amongst […]

How to Understand Fear of Mental Health Recovery

The idea of mental health recovery is gaining ground. The more we talk about mental health. The greater our understanding. Gone are the days where a diagnosis equalled a life sentence. And whilst for some a mental illness will mean an adaptation to how one lives. It’s no longer synonymous with the inability to live […]

A Guide to Gaining a Positive Perspective

As with all things, positivity seems to be all about balance. Being overtly positive and denying all other emotions or not allowing yourself to accept the possibility of negative scenarios can be unhelpful to us. On the other hand, a life without positivity doesn’t have the best health outcomes either. So, it’s about finding what […]

How to Navigate the Need to Feel Heard

Feeling heard is a basic human need. Alongside food, shelter and water. We need to have our feelings validated. And, whilst some may shake their head in disagreement. It’s all there in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: love and belonging. When someone acknowledges how we feel; we feel part of a bigger picture. And who doesn’t […]